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About Patrick Sarfo Adu


Patrick S. Adu always recognized the potential of the real estate industry. At age nineteen, he purchased his first property and so began his interest in the business. Roughly ten years ago, Patrick finally decided to put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test and earn his license. Since then, he’s carved out an intrepid track record for dependable counsel and service that shines in the details.

Over the years, he’s also earned a variety of accolades and awards for his service, including the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors’ Multi-Million Dollar Club designation, and as a five-year recipient of the Multi-Million Dollar Residential Top Producer award and the Multi-Million Dollar Lifetime Top Producer award.

Based in Ashburn, Virginia, Patrick is licensed in both Virginia and Maryland, serving clients across both states. He heads a tight knit team that includes two licensed assistants that ensure every detail in a transaction is accounted for. To date, Patrick has managed to earn 90% of his business through repeat and referral clientele, demonstrating his staying power as an agent who keeps his professional promises. For his part, Patrick describes his professional philosophy as one steeped in personal connections, detail work, and exceeding his clients’ expectations. “I take a personal interest in my clients and always go above and beyond my call of duty and responsibilities,” Patrick says. “Every Sunday I sit down for a couple of hours and reach out to previous clients just to talk and check in—not even about real estate necessarily. Oftentimes, we become friends, and friends keep in touch. That’s the way you grow and thrive in this business: become a lifelong friend and a trusted advisor.”

When it comes to listing properties, Patrick is thorough and begins by making his way through a home with a prospective buyer’s mindset: on the hunt for reasons not to make the purchase. Doing so helps Patrick discern the steps necessary to properly ready a home for market. “By becoming the most critical audience, I’m able to help prepare listings in even the smallest ways. As a result, they sell faster,” he says. Likewise, Patrick recognizes where his skills are best utilized. Instead of trying to do it all alone, he incorporates the talents of professional photographers, videographers, and designers to create compelling marketing collateral. “I’m good at what I do, but I stay in my lane. I deal with clients when it comes to communicating, and it’s on the back-end that I coordinate others on my clients’ behalves.” In addition to open houses, Patrick also makes use of social media and the leading digital listing platforms to ensure wide-ranging exposure online.

Accordingly, Patrick has spearheaded hundreds of transactions over the years and draws upon a deep well of knowledge when it comes to buying or listing property. “It’s my goal to make clients feel at ease in the process, whether they are buying or selling,” he says. “That personal touch goes a long way.”

To give back to his local community, Patrick stays active among his congregation and also volunteers through community bible education efforts. In his remaining free hours beyond the office, he most enjoys quality time spent with his wife and children. He is also an avid aviation fan, is in the process of taking flight lessons, and happens to be a major collector of RC planes and helicopters models. Imagining the future of his business, Patrick hopes to build a team of like-minded real estate professionals in the years to come. Considering his business has nearly doubled year-over-year, he hopes to pass along his ethos to future colleagues, citing an eye for detail and a personal touch as the keys to his outstanding success thus far.

“Beyond real estate, there are only two things I love more: I’m a minister, and my service to God is number one; then comes my family,” he says. “Beyond that, I really, really love what I do and I get a total high from helping others achieve the American Dream of homeownership.”